Maintenance Level 1 - The technician will replace the engine oil and filter as well as reset your oil life system. The engine oil maintenance interval on your vehicle is not recommended to exceed 4 months or 8,000 km. By not exceeding the recommended time & kilometers, this will prevent premature wear on internal engine components and sludge build up, which in turn could shorten the life span of your engine. Included in this service, the technician will sample and report back on all of your under-hood fluids, inspect the coolant level and condition, the windshield washer fluid level, tire pressure, tire wear, and do a visual inspection for fluid leaks and inspect the air filter.

Maintenance Level 2 - This annual service is recommended to be completed every 24,000km or once a year to ensure the condition of the wear of the vehicle’s components. Not only does it include all services in the Maintenance Level 1, but the technician will also:

  • lubricate chassis components
  • Rotate your tires and inspect the inflation pressure and tire wear
  • Visually inspect the brake system inspect the engine coolant & cooling system
  • Inspect the steering and suspension components
  • Inspect wiper blades & restraint system components
  • Inspect transmission, transfer case & differential fluid levels and conditions
  • Inspect the windshield condition
  • Lubricate hinges & locks

Hot Engine Flush - This service is recommended approx. every 4th oil change or if the technician finds your vehicle’s oil to be extremely dirty. This flush will remove varnish and sludge deposits from deep within the engine safely and quickly.

Transmission Flush Service - In guaranteeing the longevity of your vehicles transmission, this flush uses the latest in micro-technology. A transmission fluid exchange machine evacuates the old degraded ATF (automatic transmission fluid), while simultaneously introducing new fluid to the system. The technician will then add to the new ATF, a high performance conditioner engineered to improve heat resistance, maintain fluid oxidation stability and prevent premature component wear. Most transmissions require this flush every 48,000km.

TerraClean Injector Service - A natural occurrence of carbon build up occurs in every vehicle reducing the efficiency of your vehicle’s engine; which in turn directly affects fuel economy. The TerraClean service is a new, innovative technology which introduces injection cleaning in a vapor form. The ions have an opposite charge to the carbon build up causing it to attach to the carbon and safely breaking it down. This service restores oxygen sensors, fuel injectors, combustion chambers and catalytic converters. The positive outcome efficient and economical reliability in your vehicle.

Cooling System Flush - Manufacturer studies have shown that coolant can begin to break down in less than a year. As the PH level drops and the coolant starts to break down, it begins to attack the metal parts in the cooling system and rust and sludge start to form. The cooling system flush, safely and effectively removes scale & corrosion build up. The Coolant Exchange Machine uses reverse flow technology to completely remove contaminated coolant while, simultaneously, refilling the entire system with new. To complete this service, a high performance coolant conditioner is added.

Diesel Injection Service – This is our complete decarbonization service. A specially engineered cleaning chemical is circulated through the fuel system while the vehicle is running. This process allows the deposit control and additives to “pre-soak”, soften and remove baked on carbon deposits from intake parts, valves and combustion chambers. Fuel injectors are cleaned and lubricated while extending the life of the diesel pump. This service is safe for all catalytic converters, sensors or plastic components and electronically controlled common rail systems.

Front Differential Service/Drain & Fill – Regularly replacing your differential fluid will prevent premature failing of bearings and internal components. The technician will drain the deteriorated oil and fill the differential with manufacture’s regular or synthetic blended oil.

Rear Differential Pan Drop and Fill – Regularly replacing your differential fluid will prevent premature failing of bearings and internal components. The technician will remove the differential pan bolts and cover and flush out the deteriorated gear oil. He/she will then perform a visual inspection of the gear pattern, back lash, carrier deflection, and internal carrier parts. The cover will be cleaned and resealed, and the differential will be filled with manufacturer’s suggested gear oil and additive package.

Manual Transmission Fluid Service – Regular service of your transmission will prevent premature failing of your internal components. The technician will remove the transmission drain plug and while the deteriorated oil is being drained from the transmission, he/she will inspect the oil for any debris. The technician will also inspect the drain and fill plugs for damage and fill the transmission with the manufacturer recommended oil type and quantity.

Transfer Case Service – Regular service of your transfer case will prevent premature failing of your internal components. The technician will remove the deteriorated transfer case oil and inspect the fluid for any debris. Once the technician has inspected the drain and fill plugs for damage, he/she will fill the transfer case with the manufacturer recommended oil type and quantity.

Brake Fluid Flush Service Brake fluid breaks down over time causing premature wear of your internal brake system. The brake fluid in your vehicle is recommended to be replaced every two years regardless of kilometers to prevent this from happening. This service simultaneously removes & replaces the brake fluid from the master cylinder, ABS modules, brake lines, calipers, wheel cylinders as well as the fluid reservoir. To complete this service, the technician will visually inspect the brake pads for even wear and verify the system operation.

Power Steering Flush Service – Not to be forgotten, the power steering system plays a crucial role in the makeup of most vehicles. This system does not have filtration therefore the importance of removing sediment and film build up is critical in preserving the life of these important components that make up your steering system. With our Complete Power Steering Fluid Exchange, a professional strength cleaner is added to the power steering system quickly and safely, removing accumulated gum and varnish from all internal components.

Engine Shampoo – The technician will apply an engine shampoo degreaser to the contaminated areas. The shampoo works effectively in removing all oil, grime and sludge build up on the outside of the component. The technician then rinses away the shampoo and verifies the cleanliness.